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Trake Construction Management

Trake Construction Management, LLC partners with homeowners to restore and improve properties affected by weather-related damage and general disrepair. From roofing to gutters, interior and exterior painting, vinyl siding and air conditioning, Trake Construction Management, LLC known as TRAKE Roofing & Construction serves as a general contractor to ensure timely and flawless completion on every project.

With a vast entrepreneur background spanning nearly three decades, Owners James and Victoria Denton have learned the key to success - providing customer value.

In fact, that is the no.1 attribute that differentiates Trake from competitors. They believe in providing customers with pertinent knowledge and current industry standards. By educating clients on the difference between quality and subpar practices, Trake empowers their customers to be a contributing part of the project. This knowledge, combined with impeccably executed jobs and competitive pricing, enables Trake to provide their customers a level of value that exceeds all others.

A truly trustworthy company knows each client's name, and treats their project as if it were their own. A lot is in a name. Trake, for example, originates from the owners' two sons, Travis and Blake. The company is founded on the idea of family. Providing his, now adult, sons the opportunity to play an active role in the business enables James to fulfill a lifelong dream. In addition, Trake has invested years into finding the most experienced, talented and dependable subcontractors. Each project is completed by a team of professionals who have been expertly assembled.

James And Victoria Denton, Owners Of TRAKE Roofing & Construction.

James And Victoria Denton, Owners Of TRAKE Roofing & Construction.

TRAKE Roofing & Construction ensures meticulous, rigorous attention-to-detail and execution. They are also acutely aware that the project does not end when the last nail is hammered. As the general contractor, from concept to completion, they ensure that clean-up is thorough and comprehensive-always leaving the working area clean and safe.

From large, roofing jobs for executive homes, steep slope roofing installation, to multi-family spaces and suburban homes, Trake provides the same level of professionalism. They have access to the most advanced technology and industry tools available. Within the highly competitive DFW construction arena, Trake has outperformed by consistently providing quality and dependability.